I declare….

….. MTB season to be officially open in Potsdam!

Wednesday I did a wicked hard workout. 12x 3o second all out intervals. When I was finished, I felt good, not at all blown. Thursday morning was a different matter. When I got to work and climbed up the stairs… Wow. Dead legs. I was glad that Thursday’s workout was: recovery ride 30 minutes, easy.

Over the past 7 days we have lost most of our snow. I decided it was time to go see what kind of condition the trails were in. I figured they were going to be rough and so I would be forced to ride easy on them.

The good news…. The trails had no snow on them. Yeah!

The bad news….. While there was no snow on the trails, there sure was a lot of blown down.

It was a slow ride. I had to pause a couple of times to move trees off the trail. Not the kind of trees you could ride over. The tops of trees. You know with all the little branches. Along with the trees there were a lot of limbs, big ones, small ones. Ones that kick up when you ride over them and impale your legs (yeah, first blood drawn!) or stick into the drive train of your bike (no damage to the bike).

It was also one of the best rides I have had in a long time.


3 thoughts on “I declare….

  1. I thought you a Leadville Conqueror? Then I read; “While there was no snow on the trails, there sure was a lot of blown down.” I assume that’s like blown insulation, just feathery. What do I know, I’m no scientist.

    • David,

      Let me explain this to you slowly. In places where water falls from the sky (we call this rain) we have something called “trees” that grow out of the ground. “Trees” are wonderful things, but sometimes parts of trees fall down to the ground. We call that “blow down”. šŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen the same thing. The ground is finally dry enough to support moderately fat tires and yet its not been nice out long enough for other people to get into the woods and cut it all out. Slackers!

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