That was(n’t) fun……

I get my training plan in two month blocks. I saw today’s workout a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t look pleasant. (First impression was accurate,  it wasn’t pleasant). Here take a look and see what you think about this one:

“Warm up well with 20-30 minutes of spinning and 3-4 x 60-90 second accelerations to Zones 4-5. Follow this with 1 x 40 minute interval building up to Zones 4-5. Within each 40 min interval criss cross from Zone 4 to Zone 5 every 2 minutes. Finish off with easy spinning in Zone 1 only.”

I’ve done workouts like this one before. But they usually read something like:

“1×20 minutes interval building up to zone 4. Within each 20 min interval criss cross from Zone 3 to Zone 4 every 2 minutes.”

They look kind of similar except for two important features. Today was 40 minutes. And it was Zone 4 (just below threshold) to Zone 5 (above threshold) NOT Zone 3 to Zone 4. I’ve not done a interval that hard for that long, well ever. Even last year. I think Drew was getting back at me for something. Not sure what I did though.

Anyway. To add to the “enjoyment” of today’s ride, lets make it cold and damp and windy out! Yeah now we are talking some serious fun.

Off I went. And into the 40 minute criss crosses. Big gears, stand, go hard get the heart rate up. Relax, but not really. Big gears, stand, get the heart rate up. Relax, but not really. Well you get the idea. Then with about 8 minutes left in the 40 minute interval I shifted…. I shifted…. I said, I shifted…… Why didn’t it shift. Hey, why is there so my slack in that cable? Oh huh, how bout that. Cable broke. Now I am stuck in my 53×11. 8 more minutes. I pushed and finished.

Then 30 minutes of cool down riding. And by cool down I mean get cold from the being wet outside in the cold, raw, windy afternoon.

Man I love biking.

(There is clearly something wrong with me…..)


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