“Master, why do I bleed?”

“Grasshopper, you did not avoid that which was in front of you.”

“But I did try to avoid it.”

“That was the problem.”

“Master I am confused.”

“Grasshopper, you must look ahead to see that which much be avoided. Then you must forget it.”

“Master I am still confused.”

“When you worry about avoiding that which must be avoided, you disturb the part of you that knows HOW to avoid that which must be avoided. By doing so you risk running into that which you want to avoid. To truly avoid, you must avoid avoiding. Only then will the danger pass you by.”

“Master I must think on this.”

“Grasshopper, do so. And put some Neosporine on those cuts while you are at it.”


3 thoughts on “Grasshopper

    • It was a little jousting contest with a downed tree limb. Came into a corner hot. The limb was on the exit. Looked myself right into it. Good thing, I stayed soft and remained on my bike, but my arm got some nasty scrapes.

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