Next week I am going to Connecticut for rehab. No not THAT kind of rehab. Nope. Next week I go to to Connecticut to do phase 1 rehab on “the Cottage“.

This is our vacation dream house:


It’s time begin to get it habitable!

Phase 1 of the rehab (which will take place over the next two weeks) is to strip and fix the exterior.

We have hired a contractor and two strong bucks (me and my dad) to do the work. The plan is to replace all of the windows, strip and redo the roof, add a door, and side it up. Much as I love the classic green tarp roof, I am looking forward to a slate grey roof! By the time we are finished it will look like an awesome cottage from the outside. Next year we strip and redo the interior (new walls, electric, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom etc.)

I’m excited to see this get going. The reality that this is ours still hasn’t sunk completely in (though the tax bill helped that to settle in some!). I think when we have finally put our stamp onto the place that reality will set in.

Biking wise the comes at a good time in the summer. Next week is a rest week. That means shorter, less intense workouts, which allows for more time on the rehab project. It also means more “ride how you feel on the trails” kind of riding. Perfect since there are some really nice trails near to where the cottage is. Nathan Hale State forest is a short 5  minute ride from the door. All told there is about 14 miles of single track there. The other really nice place to mtb is Case Mountain. Both have the advantage of being 1. newer to me and 2. fairly technical in places. Looking forward to them.

The last little hidden nugget in going to CT for the next two weeks is that I am going to try to race in one of the Root 66 races on June 1. The Domnarski Farm race is that weekend. I think I should be able to fit that one into the schedule.

All in all it should be a fun couple of weeks.


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