Yeah! Ahh…….

Monday was the last day of the big build before the Whiteface race.

My directions for the week:

“Take it easy and enjoy the time OFF THE BIKE this week…….make it count!”

To which I say….. Hell Yes! My legs are tired, my arms are sore. Even my brain is tired. Last week I spent 16.5 hours (that’s 230 miles) on my bike. I need to stop thinking about routes for 6 hours bike rides, and where the “steepest hill that takes 20 minutes” is. It’s definitely time for a breather. Not off the bike but easy on the bike. And fun on the bike. Lot’s of “ride how you feel” on trails this week.

That’s this week. Then a moderate week. And then the race prep week. Three weeks till Whiteface.

PS. We have been making a lot of progress on the cottage. Tomorrow there WILL be pictures!

Picture of the Day


“Connecticut Trails”


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