OK. You have seen the lake cottage. Remember?


Here is a tour of the inside. There is a kitchen:


A half bath


And two bedrooms



All told about 500 square feet.

Well I guess that’s not quite so accurate any more. There is no kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms anymore right now.

See here is the green/blue bedroom today.


All of the plumbing and vintage electric has been removed. The cottage is a shell on the inside.

The goal of this year is actually to redo the outside of the cottage. Facing the lake was the porch. It’s been a troublesome thing with a roof that has leaked more than once. So…… Off came the roof. It’s going to be re-sloped.



In fact, lets just take off all the walls of the porch. The one inside thing that was on our list for this year was to open up the front wall so that the cottage included the porch in the living space. Tomorrow that front wall is going to be taken out and placed with a structural header. And then we construct, new walls, new roof, new siding, new windows.

We removed A LOT from this little cottage. See, one dumpster filled…..


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