Cottage Progress

Well today is the last day that I will be in CT to work on the cottage. The contractor still has some more to do, but I need to get home. Before I leave I wanted to post some pictures updating what we have been doing these past two weeks.

When we last saw the cottage it looked like this:


Well things have changed a little bit over the past 14 days.

The front wall you see in that picture? Well a couple of sawzall blades and one piece of engineered lumber later and we have an open front:


If you look really closely you will see there is an extra layer of 2×4’s on the decking there. The porch was made 3.5 inches lower that the rest of the house. Guess what the dimensions are on a 2×4 these days? Floor level.

Then we could proceed to put the porch back on:


After 3 days of work the contractor commented we were right back at the same place we started at 😉 . Then we gave it a roof and windows:


Look the moss and tarp are gone! I will say the moss and tarp probably in the end saved the inside of the structure. They actually kept the roof from leaking.

On the side of the cottage we needed to move a window to be better placed for the kitchen:


Then we added a second window to the wall to let in more light:


The log siding is underneath the plywood. We are using cement/fiber siding and you need a solid back to put that stuff on. The siding is more expensive (by a good bit) than vinyl siding but it 1. Looks better, 2. Is low maintenance (pre painted, 15 year warranty on the paint job) and 3. Is environmentally much better. Oh yeah and the big bad wolf is NEVER going to be able to blow these walls down: Cement, Ply, Log fronts, framing.

On the back side we started something like this:


Well, that is after we replaced the roof. But we added a door


Closed up the little window (which went to the old bathroom and is now the new kitchen). Finally we added a layer of “North Country” siding


My dad and I helped out where we could, but a lot of the work was more complicated then we could do. So we kept busy with other projects. Besides gutting the entire place, we did things like re-roof the shed (which you could see daylight through)


And really went to town brushing the lot


Which gave us lots of material for a beach fire


So that’s where we are right now. I am just about to head out to finish up my work. Today’s task? Get the grill Coreen’s aunt and uncle donated to us over to the cottage, and bbq a big lunch for me, my dad, and our contractors!



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