I was warned…..

Before Whiteface Drew and I talked about that race and the lead up to ORAMM. The conversation went something like this….

“I would normally give you a recovery week after the race but since you are busy around the 4th I am not going to do that. So next week is going to be hard. Do the best you can.”

“Uh, ok…..”

And with that I launched into Whiteface and then into my non-recovery, recovery week.

Whiteface was good. Then I had a day off. Yeah!

Then the non-recovery week started.

Tuesday: 1 hour, Zone 1-2 Endurance  (over half time in Zone 2)

Wednesday: 1:20 Zone 1-2 Endurance (over half time in Zone 2)

Thursday: 1:40 Openers (these are short intense sprints to loosen or open up your legs for the rest of the week)

Friday: 3:30 Ride how you feel on the trails

Saturday: 1:40 Zone 1-2 Endurance (over half time in Zone 2)

Sunday: 2:00 Zone 2-3 Endurance

Monday: 2:00 2×20 minute zone 3-4 cross intervals. Which was today.

I made a fundamental mistake this week. My legs felt really good on Tuesday, so I rode all 60 minutes in Zone 2. Wednesday I also felt really good so I rode all 1:20 in Zone 2. Zone 2 is a pretty good tempo pace. It’s where I like to run races on flats and downhill sections. And the result of Tuesday and Wednesday was to basically take what I had left in my legs and burn them out…. before the fun really began.

Thursday I learned I made that critical mistake. The “openers” were tougher than they should have been.

My Friday ride was really fun. I rode a smart pace (well I thought it was a smart pace) and decided to to some exploring. My plan was to link up a bunch of single track rides with as much dirt as I could find. I knew there were some connectors (dirt roads, back country trails, etc.) and so I went looking. Did a pretty fair job. But I was tired. I did manage to throw down my fastest time on the Clarkson trails this year, and only about 30 seconds off my race time from last fall. I had good flow, but I probably pushed more than I should have.

Saturday sucked. Sunday was even worse. I never hit my target zones. I just could not get the effort up to where I wanted.

I did not upload my Sunday ride before today’s ride because I was so dissapointed. I didn’t want my active brain to have any numbers on how tired my legs were to go with the feelings.  I was determined to ride today’s LT Cross intervals with everything I had. I was going to hit my zones and stay there. I even heard Yoda in my mind:


I was going to do.

And so I went out to ride this morning, knowing that I had a suckfest in front of me. And it was. But I kept going and tried to stay positive. Each 2 minutes during the intervals was a victory.

This is where training by HR is a real problem and deceptive. When I loaded my Sunday ride up to STRAVA this morning I saw something startling. (I purposely did NOT load up Sunday and look at it yesterday. I did not want to know how “bad” it was.) I did a loop that I made a private segment for. (I have a couple of these rides that I use as yardsticks on how I am doing.)  I beat my fastest time ever on this loop Sunday. So while I felt like I had no legs, and I did not come close to my HR target goals, I was apparently riding a pretty fast pace. I wish I had a power meter. Hearts are funny things, especially when you are tired. That makes me wonder what I can do on fresh legs with that loop.

That also makes me feel good about the rest of this week. I have 3 more days till I get a rest day. But I know I can push through them.

I am still looking forward to my rest later this week, and being off my bike for a couple of days (hoping to get some  hiking in, and maybe a nice trail ride with my brother).


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