Off the bike

July the 4th this year was decidedly not a bike time, but that’s OK.

I was in Wisconsin for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. It was a time to visit with her and other family that I haven’t seen in a long time.

I love going to my grandma’s house and taking care of her for a little while. I get to cook for her and play cards with her and just talk with her about things. No pressure, no agenda.

I wrote about my grandma last year. Here is the post. It says everything there is to say. Grandma looked great last weekend. She’s a tough woman. All of her family (except for two grandchildren, which put us somewhere in the 60’s for direct family range at the party) were at the party and she had a blast.

The hardest part of these visits for me is always the leaving. In many ways Tilden Wisconsin is home for me and every time I leave I feel like I am leaving home to go out into the world.

This visit I did not get a bike and so I was off my bike for 5 days. Instead of riding we went tubing on a river (zone 0 on the old heart rate and RPE for that one) and went to some “interactive” fireworks (zone 5 at points 🙂 ). It was a little bit of well deserved rest for my legs (well except for the run I went on. Holy heck, my legs are not in shape for any sort of running right now!)

Time to make the final push for ORAMM!

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3 thoughts on “Off the bike

  1. Nice story! As it happens, I try to go for a run roughly quarterly. Coincidentally to your expedition, I also ran yesterday–2 plodding miles in Denver. Until yesterday, my most recent one was back in mid-March. My thighs are a bit sore, but I kept it dialed back in advance of a 90 mile climbing loop in NH on Saturday.

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