Ramping up, Amping Down….

Somewhere in Potsdam……

Please, please, quiet. I have called this press conference to answer a few questions about ORAMM. In the interest of fairness, please raise your hands and I will call on you one at a time. Umm. Yes…….. Yeti?

“Well I am the only one here. And really I don’t exist except in your brain. It’s not much of a press conference.”

Thanks for pointing that out Yeti. I am dissapointed that no one from Velonews came for this. You would think that being a Fat Cyclist sponsored rider would create a buzz. But given I am learning how to be a pro cyclist on $5 a season instead of $10 a day, I guess the fact that you showed up is about the best I could expect. Do you have a question or are you just here to torment me?

“Seriously, are you teasing me? You know Sasquatch is my cousin right?”

Point taken. Ask away.

“There is a rumor that you have declared a media blackout ahead of ORAMM is that correct?”

Yes it is.

“What do you mean by a media blackout?”

I mean that I am not reading any stories or reports about ORAMM leading up to the race.


Well there are two reasons. First, the only accounts I can find of ORAMM are from stupid crazy people who don’t prepare, or are sick the night before, or bike 20 miles to the race and then race it. Common thread in all of those reports is that they finish like 1st in their age group, or 10th overall or something stupid like that. That just makes me sick. Rider lies. ‘I’m not feeling very good today, I will probably be slow.’ Not helpful.


Oh, yeah second. They all say pretty much the same thing. The race is brutal.

“But you knew that.”

Yeah, but I am trying to forget that little part. Look remember Leadville?

“How could I forget? I love the part where you hit the pavement at the finish line.”

AFTER the finish line.

“OK ‘after’ the finish line. I think you were technically falling before it.”

Shut up Yeti. You point is?

“What does that matter? You know this race is going to be hard too.”

When I do something like this, if I look at the totality of it, it becomes big. By not looking or thinking about the sum of it I can break it down into little pieces. Leadville was really 5 climbs, 5 descents and some “flat stuff” in between. Even Columbine breaks down into smaller parts. One thing at a time. It’s the same with ORAMM. Get up the first climb. Get down the backside (remembering that sometimes it is faster to walk a steep downhill than ride it). Up the second climb, Etc.

“How’s that working for you?”

Meh, not bad right now. Anyway hearing that the race is hard, from people who are winning it is not instructive. So no more reading. Ready to preride some of the course and see what it is really about. Did I hear a door open? Is that the guy from Velo?


Sigh…..You would think they would be interested. A story about a guy who isn’t a great technical mtb’er in a fairly technical endurance race would seem to have a lot more possibility than talking to someone like Jeremiah Bishop or Drew Edsall.

(BTW. My brother designed Drew’s website this spring. He did a nice job I think. And regardless of what happens next week Drew did another great job getting me ready this summer.  Thanks Drew! If you are looking for a coach, you should think about Drew.)


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