Random thoughts

It’s a training rest week. Not much going on. Kind of like the quiet before the storm. Today’s post: Random Thoughts……


1. ORAMM is fast approaching. That means lots of fast steep down hill. THAT means lots of stress on my bike (well and me too šŸ˜‰ ) So I made a command decision……. Time for a brake job! I like to service my own bike, but I have never serviced hydraulic brakes before. This is probably not a good time to learn. So my bike is at the bike doctor getting a little preventative care. Brakes are definitely something I want for that race.

2. Next year is shaping up in my mind a little bit race wise. I think its going to be the year of the NUE. There are several that are close to home. Easy trips. Hard races. Also hoping to get more of the Root 66 races in. That was fun (I promise no more “novice” racing).

3. I am a little sad I won’t be going to Leadville this summer. A little. Dave… rock it for Team Fatty!

4. The cottage got sided this week. So pumped to see it in a couple of weeks.




After. (yeah, its the same cottage)

Coreen and I talked. It WILL be habitable next summer.

5. I am spending so much time with my brother and his family this summer its almost like we live in the same place.

6. I have some friends that were climbing animals on their bikes last week. Like to the tune of 22k+

7. It’s not a good year to be a favorite at the Tour de France. Ouch.

8. I went to see Cats Friday night. The result was an ear worm from the play on Sunday for 5 hours. Ouch.

9. Summer is full on in the North Country. That can only mean Luge season is right around the corner.



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