I went to pick up my bike from the shop this afternoon. The bike that I dropped off on Sunday for some maintenance. The bike that they told me would be done yesterday. The bike that wasn’t done yet today. The bike that is being packed up to go to a race tomorrow morning, early. The bike I am going to have to go back to town later today to get.

I try to support by local bike shop when I can. We have two in my town. Right now I am irritated with both. One shop, where I have made most of my purchases (read I have bought more than one, not inexpensive, bike there) has an owner who is sometimes “grumpy”. When I went in there earlier this week to see about some bearings for a headset I was lectured to about how I need to be specific about what I need and how unhelpful it is to come in and ask questions about stuff when I don’t have those details. (BTW, the bearings I needed for my headset only have one size, I know I checked before I went down.) We could have had the same conversation in a more helpful and friendly way. I didn’t go back to get the bearings for my headset. (He also was short with my brother when my brother was up for the Wilmington race and needed an emergency bleed for his brakes.)

The other bike shop is an all around outdoor store. They do bikes, canoes/kayaks, camping, climbing, etc. They do sell a lot of bikes and have a bike shop. That’s where my bike is now. Part of the reason I took it there is the other LBS is old school and this bike is decidedly not old school. But seriously, the bike has been there for 5 days now. Just a brake fluid change and two new cables. They know I am leaving tomorrow and they know I am going to a race.


I think that once I get back from ORAMM I am going to learn how to service my hydraulic disk brakes myself. Time to become truly  self sufficient. (Now if I only had a headset tool…….)

5:30 pm: Update. I am home now with my bike. When I got to the shop the second time today to get it it was being worked on. My rear brake was not bleeding properly and was mushy (thats why I brought it in. Periodically it would just not engage). We determined that there was a leak in the cylinder somewhere. The person who was fixing the bike went home and got a rear brake off of one of his bike so that I had something to race while we try to get mine warrantied. I am VERY appreciative of that. I do wish that they had gotten to my bike before today so it wasn’t so much of a fire drill to get it up and running. Brenden did a nice job today, they need more staff.


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