ORAMM – The Road Trip

Greetings from Lake Lure North Carolina. Lake Lure is close to Asheville, a crunchy little oasis in North Carolina. And probably for the sake of the next couple of days of posts, close to Old Fort North Carolina, home of ORAMM. (That stupid little ticker just keeps counting down……)

North Carolina is an “interesting” place.

They have cheap gas (we drove). Very nice.

They also had a tattoo parlor in the truck stop. No one in my family chose to utilize that service. But rest assured, there was a line for a truck stop tattoo (no I am not joking).

They have mountains.


(That’s the view from the timeshare we are staying in.)

They (apparently) have rules.


Bailey was the first to see the rules. And of course needed to get out the soccer ball right then and there. The bike riding thing is going to be a problem as well (since we are here for a bike race and all!). I broke that rule about an hour after we got here…..on a nice piece of single track…..on the timeshare property. North Carolina also has confusion.

They don’t have sushi (well in Lake Lure anyway). But that’s OK. On the way down we stopped in Annapolis to visit friends and eat at Joss (our favorite sushi place). Annapolis has sushi.


Well Annapolis has a lot less sushi since we visited…


Sushi is very serious business in my family. As you can see the boat was decimated by my pirate children and our friends.

But back to North Carolina. Besides mountains, right now they also have mud.


Well they have mud, but also they have red clay. Try an experiment. Grab a slab of clay (the standard grey clay is OK, the physics here are the same!). Get it wet. Feel the traction you get. Now bike on that. But just to make it “fun” bike down a hill on that. Welcome to ORAMM.

The picture was taken at the bottom of the Kitsume section. Dave and I pre-rode that portion of the course. Here an elevation profile will help.


We rode from the mile 2.5 to mile 12.5 section. It was about 3000 ft of climbing. You can extrapolate the rest. (BTW. Did you notice we get to do that twice in the race. VERY exciting!)

That climb was very do-able because in North Carolina (unlike in Leadville) they also have OXYGEN!

Today we are planning on pre-riding the Blue Ridge Parkway and down “Heartbreak Ridge”.

And to close, they even have birthdays in North Carolina.

Happy Birthday to my awesome wife Coreen. Who turns the perfect age today!



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