ORAMM Update

I have a nice video of the Kitsume downhill all set to view. BUT the internet at our timeshare is quite possibly the slowest I have ever encountered. YouTube told me it would take over 10 hours to upload. So you are just going to have to wait a day or so to see what the riding is like here. (Well unless you are in the race, or have done the race, or happen to have ridden here, then you know.)

It’s looking like the course will be on the wet side, but hopefully not soupy. It’s been raining here a good bit this week, and the humidity is so high, nothing seams to dry out. I think that 500 bikers will splash some of the water off the course.

Anyway, while you are waiting for me to get to some faster internet A story for you….

Remember the Whiteface race this year? Remember how I passed a cross bike with an exploded pedal? (It wasn’t a cross bike by the way. But you will have to read to see what it was. In my quick view I saw drop handles and thought cross…) Well I got a comment yesterday on this very blog, from that very person. Here is the story of the exploding pedal. Enjoy.

I am heading out for a very very light ride.


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