ORAMM Update Part2

Well ORAMM is in the books. Today and tomorrow are travel days to get home. Then I need to write up the race report (Still deciding how many parts this one will take). So you will have to just wait.

For now. Big shout out to  Curtis  Greg (Sorry my mind erased some details!) who I met at Willmington and rode with for about 30 seconds on Sunday morning. Curtis rocked it with a 6:15 (ish) finish time.

As Curtis Greg said below, it is understandable why that name was burned into my memory. You’ll understand soon enough (if you haven’t experienced it directly).


One thought on “ORAMM Update Part2

  1. Greg from S. Burlington, VT. But I’ll answer to Curtis. Understandable that you might have the name Curtis on your mind after that climb. Look forward to your race report. A tip of the hat to you, as well. That was a hard day!

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