Brakes… Do you really need them?

Before I went to North Carolina I mention that I was a bit irritated about the state of my local bike shops. Well here is an update.

I have since learn that the mechanic who worked on my brakes made a couple of mistakes and actually broke them in the process of bleeding them. The critical error was using a mineral oil that he purchased from a drug store. The problem with that was that the mineral oil he used was WAY to viscous (the Shimano oil is more like water, that was more like honey). The result was that he blew out the seals on the reservoir. To his credit he has stood up and said he would either fix them or replace them. He’s young, and he’s learning, but that was a big move on his part.

Now the exciting part. I only have front brakes right now! (I did replace the pads, so at least they are good front brakes!)

But as one of my friends said to me: “You’re a ‘racer’! Brakes just slow you down.

Going to be an exciting ride on some semi-technical trails today.

More news later. Wish me luck šŸ˜€

No luck needed. Weight back when braking Meat!

Update 2:06 pm: No crashes, but it was a lot less fun with just front brakes. Like to mix in a little back on the steep technical stuff. But I survived. The HS MTB team kids had fun on the “hard” trails. Have not shown them hard yet. These were medium šŸ˜‰


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