Adventure by Bike

Authors Note: Leadville is today. I find myself wishing I was in Colorado. Getting ready to race and trying to eat pancakes right now.


Ah well. Where I am is where I am supposed to be this year. And it’s not all bad….

I changed the grips on my MTB a month or so ago. And when I took my grips off I saw this message that my friends at Salsa Bikes left for me:


Yesterday I think I took the spirit of this note to heart. I am in CT and had a 4 Hour “Ride How you Feel on Trails” ride on my training schedule. This ride is one of my favorites. Ride, forget the whole heart monitor thing. Just ride. And so I did. Adventure By Bike.

We are in Connecticut this weekend to visit with family. (Which is why I am “OK” with not being in Leadville right this very moment, and not home feeling sorry for myself.) Near my mother-in-laws house is the Metacomet Trail. This is a trail that runs north to south in central Connecticut. It’s designated as a hiking and mountain bike trail and it was my destination for yesterday. And on a MTB, well its an adventure.

I have ridden this trail once before. I remember it being more of a hiking trail than a riding trail having spent a good portion of my time hiking my bike. This trail is rocky, as rocky as anything I have ever been on. There are times when this trail feels like you are riding on one of those Crystal Growing kits you can get at a museum gift shop. You know, the ones that grow the spiky crystals. When you ride on this stuff you know that this is a bike eating, body damaging place to be. It has rock gardens on steep rises to challenge your skills on a bike.


This time I rode a lot more than I walked. I am feeling stronger technically and the trail, while challenging was more fun and less frustrating this time. It was still hard since I don’t know the lines. But when I got off my bike I looked and saw how most of the parts could be ridden. And sometimes I went back and tried them again.

My little voice reminded me that I was alone and really pretty far away from help, but I managed to keep the voice in check. (Hello Yeti šŸ˜‰ )

The rewards for getting off the beaten path? Well you see things that you wouldn’t normally see


Like a two story fireplace sitting out on the middle of the mountain top along with the chimney from what must have been the servants house


The mountains in Connecticut are old and worn. They are not high, but they are steep. And even here they provide a view of the land that you don’t get from the bottom.


A little bit of adventure in the back yard. It was a great ride.

Now if you will excuse me I need to look at the live feed from Leadville. And think about what I was feeling like last year at this time.


And remember that it wasn’t all fun and games



And send my friends who are riding strength.

And to think about the fact that my good friend Jenni said “So what are you going to do differently next time?”

And to realize that……..


2 thoughts on “Adventure by Bike

  1. I was on a trail run when the race took off on Saturday. I hadn’t wished to be there until I knew the race was going on. It’s all I’ve thought about since. We’ve been talking tonight about plans for next year, how to get back in, and that we’ll go and volunteer if I don’t get in. It’s in your blood…

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