Fall and Sabbatical and Life

I was supposed to be racing on Saturday in the Race With the Wind. This is a local race that I did two years ago with my son and wife.

fat bohls

Last year they didn’t hold it (something about the guy who was running it doing “funny” things with the money) but this year it was revived. Then, no one signed up. Well we signed up and so did about 3 other people, so they cancelled it. The Hampshire 100 is this weekend. That was going to be my back up race (actually it is a WAY better race, but farther away, and my family could not ride in it). But life is getting in the way a little bit.

This year my work is a little different. I am on sabbatical. That’s the big prize for being a faculty member. Every 7 years or so they pay you to not work at the university where you work. Crazy huh? The idea is that you should go somewhere else or do something else that helps you grow professionally and that re-charges you, so that you are excited and energetic at the place you actually do work. So this year, no teaching, no committees (well I am still on a couple, but they are good ones and I want to be on them). I am going to be in Michigan this fall at Michigan State doing research and writing papers with my PhD adviser. I am also bringing my 12 year old son Noah with me for this adventure. He will be going to school out there for 3 months. We will be living a bachelors life (without icky girls 😉 ).

doug and noah-1

We leave exactly 2 weeks from today. There is a lot of planning and preparation that needs to be done before I go. The long and the short of it is that I don’t really have time to get out of dodge for 3 days to do a bike race. And so Hampshire 100 is out. (Authors note: One of the things I was really excited about at Hampshire was the water crossing. Reported to be anywhere from ankle deep to waste deep depending on how wet it is. We have a lot of rain coming today. Could have been very exciting!)

So I find myself in a strange situation. All trained up. With a bike that now has TWO set of brakes, front AND back (how exciting is that???). And a racing season that is essentially over. Or is it?

Michigan seems to have a pretty good MTB culture going on. They have a state wide XC series that has 10 races in it. Two are in September. Those two are both about an hour away from where we will be staying. Both have kids divisions. I talked with Noah and he is up for a couple of races.

Should be fun.

(Now if I can only figure out how to be a single dad of a 12 year old and arrange child care for an 8 hour bike race in October….. Uh, either way is just fine. Looking forward to some quality time with Noah. It’s a good trade off!)



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