Comfort Zones

Coreen and I were shopping in a gift shop the other day and I was looking at magnets. You know the kind that have some dorky little sayings that you put on your fridge door. I found this one and stopped:


I had been reading Rebecca Rusch’s book at the time and I thought about how that applies to pushing yourself to go hard and do things, well, on a bike. I bought the magnet and it is sticking to my fridge door at home. ( I am a dork.)

Noah and I made it safely to Michigan to begin our grand adventure. The drive was sublimely boring. Just what you want from a long drive. We are staying in a apartment complex on campus. This apartment is for visiting scholars and so it is fully stocked (right down to sheets and towels, good thing we brought our blenderS though, non of those).

Still we needed to get some basics and so we headed out for dinner and to the store.

Noah and I were both really tired and at the store Noah had his moment where he realized that we were in MICHIGAN not NEW YORK and we were going to be away from MOM for a long time. I did some crisis management (Meijer is not a place for full blown therapy) and we headed back to the apartment.

It was at that time that I realized that stupid little magnet meant more than just riding a trail that is a little hard than I am used to, or doing a bike race that is different. In many ways pushing myself on my bike at home, well its totally IN my comfort zone. Stupid magnet.

This trip is the longest I have ever been away from my favorite girl. We have been together for 25 years and the longest we have been apart from each other is something like a week and a half. When I go on vacation, well I like to be away about a week or so. Much more than that and I really start to miss my home.

Noah? Well right now and overnight is a long trip for him away from home.

We definitely have stepped out of our comfort zone. In the end its going to be a great trip for the two of us. Noah is going to grow up a lot on this trip. I think its going to be a great experience. East Lansing is a different from Potsdam, the only place Noah really knows. (We bought a lock for his bike. They lock their bikes here because people steel them. Weird.) MSU so very different from Clarkson. (The MSU football stadium would take up the majority of Clarkson’s campus. Seriously. I am not joking.)

I know it won’t be easy for us all of the time. (Authors note: I knew this on some level and probably could even have said those words. But I am not sure I really internalized that fact. Wednesday came the internalization.)

Yesterday (our first full day in Michigan) was much better than the day we arrived. Sleep is a beautiful thing. We are making our new home ours. We got the internet up and running. Noah was able to make contact with his friends from home. (Skype used for good reasons!) We registered Noah for school and got a library card. I got my MSU ID card. (I am here for an ID. Faculty right?…. Geez not even looking young enough to be a grad student anymore.)

I needed to go out for lunch with my adviser and Noah elected to stay home rather than come. I was able to relax just a little bit because I knew Noah was relaxing. Our comfort zone is expanding. It won’t be Nirvana all the time. But that’s true even at home. I think today we are going to need to get some tickets for a football game. Oh and we need to watch the video we borrowed from the library.

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