So Noah and I are all set up in our new (but temporary) home. Today is the first day of school for Noah and the first day at work for me (Yes Dave, we actually work when we are on sabbatical. Its supposed to be fun work, but I do have stuff to do!). Noah was nervous this morning. But he is a brave kid and so I think he will be fine. Some routine for him will be good, even if it is slightly different routine than back at home.

For me this is all a little familiar. Michigan State is where I did my graduate work and I am here working with my adviser. So it is something like going home.

Biking wise Michigan is different. First where we are it is FLAT. I rode something like 24 miles the other day and had about 200ft of elevation gain. Not a good Leadville training place. There are three places close by that I can ride some single track. But I really have to drive to all three.

I have been to one so far. It is easy. No real rocks. Only some roots. (Lots of deer. Its a protected area. I saw a massive 10pt buck when I was riding. Not a common sight where I live.)  The only real obstacles are man made ones they put in.  That’s kind of too bad, but on the bright side you can absolutely rip these trails. They are fast and flowy. I cannot wait to take Noah out there. They will be perfect for him.

The other weird thing is that there seams to be more of a bike racing culture here. The two races I want to do are part of a Michigan XC series. We have so many fun trails at home, but almost no racing. Here fewer trails but more racing. Strange.

Anyway, we are here, alive, and living on the edge of our comfort zone. Good things will happen. Probably with a couple of bumps, but that is the point right? 🙂


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