It didn’t take long

The people who live near me back home are now pretty used to seeing me doing things normal people wouldn’t do on a bike. You know things like go hard up a hill  and then ride softly for 5 minutes. Repeat 12 times over the course of an hour. Heck I don’t even think the dogs back home are barking at me anymore.

Well it was time to introduce a whole new section of the world to my personal craziness. Yesterday was short but hard interval day. I was supposed to do this on the “steepest hill” I could find. Alright, except that there are no hills by me in Michigan. Flat as a pancake. Now behind my apartment is a little dirt loop. And by little I mean its about 1/4 mile long. Technically its an access road that forms an oval loop to the transformers that are near by. Its like a short running track, but made of dirt with a small woods in the middle. There is a small grassed over path that goes up a small hill (about 15ft of elevation gain) that leads to the loop. OK not the same as home, but good enough for some sprint workouts. I warmed up and hit the loop.


(That’s pretty much it. Exciting eh?)

Now the other thing about this little loop is that it borders the community gardens that are in my complex. Two women (not from the US) were out tending their gardens, and for an hour I would fly pass them hard for 30 seconds. Sometimes sitting, sometimes standing. But all out either way. Then I would soft pedal around the loop for 5 minutes (2 loops). And repeat.

It got me wondering what they thought of this crazy American guy. Here I am all kitted up (wearing my Leadville jersey, not that that meant anything to them) in with tight spandex shorts. Spending a good amount of time just going around in a circle. Maybe they didn’t spare a thought as they worked in their gardens. Maybe I was dinner conversation.

The other observers I had to my romp was a flock of turkeys. They ran to get out of my way by running in the the middle part of the loop. By the time I got to the other side they were trying to cross there. They ran back into the middle and I met them on the other side. The process repeated. Wild turkeys are not the smartest beings that have roamed this Earth. My real concern was that I would hit one, but that at least never materialized.

It was an oddly satisfying ride.

(And as a bonus, I know where my 100 Mile of Nowhere will be ridden.)


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