Magic Salsa

Sunday I had a 2.5 hour mtb ride on the schedule to tune up for a race next weekend. I found a nice 10 mile mtb trail and was really looking forward to this ride. So I ate a good breakfast and interrupted Noah from his Skype/game with friends at home to tell him I would be back in a couple of hours. (He managed to pull himself away long enough to say “OK”.)

My plan was to ride two laps on this trail. One to warm up and one to go really hard. I was feeling good, flowing nicely on the trails. Leaning the bike in the corners braking when I needed too. Then…..

My pedals stopped turning. Not because I stopped turning them, but because they would no longer turn. That’s not right. I looked down and saw a 2″ stick in my rear wheel and derailleur. So I stopped and pulled it out. My derailleur looked a little bent so I reached down to bend it back so I could finish up my ride.

But I forgot that carbon fiber doesn’t bend it brakes. That’s when I saw my chain was hanging loosely within a broken cage. I got to take a 1 mile “walk of shame” back to my car. When I got home and put my bike on the stand I saw this.


Broken cage and a bent hanger. Normally this would be just an annoying (though expensive) set back. But I have two unique problems right now. This is my only bike. Without it no riding. And I am racing on Sunday. The internet is a wonderful thing and so the new rear derailleur is on the way. Amazon Prime is awesome (I got 2 day shipping for free!). But what to train with while I am waiting?

Humm.  I had a plan! Have you figured it out yet? Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about my bike? Well my bike has the cool dropouts that allow me to change to single speed. So that’s what I did. I invoke advantage #1!

The derailleur came off. I shortened my chain and put it back on.


Instant single speed. The only real issue is that it’s geared a little stout (36×17, that’s 61.4 “gear inches” on my 29er). I picked that because you need to make sure the chain is straight (so it doesn’t want to jump off the cassette) . 22x whatever would have been too easy. It’s relatively flat here, so I picked my poison. Grind gearing.

Noah and I went riding later in the day. He doesn’t believe in using his gears so he essentially rides a single speed, and I couldn’t use my gears. We had a nice ride.

Still I can’t wait for Wednesday so I can get the gears back up and running for my race.

Picture of the Day


“Fall in Michigan”

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