So much potential

Hey Michigan Bikers,

It’s time to wake up! I rode my mtb on the roads around Lansing on Saturday. Here is the thing. When I uploaded my ride to STRAVA I was shocked, nay dismayed to find out that I was placing kind of high up in the segments on my ride. (I was actually quite surprised to find out there were segments. Where I live segments are usually some sort of steep or long or both climb. But I guess you have to go with what you got.)

OK, here is the deal. I was on a MOUNTAIN BIKE. A mountain bike that is geared for climbing, not riding flat. On one segment I am now 4th. Its dead flat for 3.6 miles. I was 23 seconds out of first. Seriously? No drop handles, 2.2″ tires, 36×11 gearing. That’s all you got?

Even on the other segments I am in the top 20% of the riders.

Come on now. It’s time to get your game on. Seriously.



PS. If I had my road bike here…………


3 thoughts on “So much potential

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