Status: Normal

Sunday is race day. Let’s take stock for a minute.

1. I have never raced this course. In fact, I have never even ridden on this course. Unless I can get out early on Sunday my first trip around the course will be at race pace.

2. My training this week was poor at best. Bike issues plagued me all week disrupting my normal race week preparation.

That means the situation is totally out of hand. Just like Team Fatty Hoops likes it. I mean its just a 1.5 hour race, with people I have never ridden with. What could possibly go wrong??? 🙂

But things are rounding into shape. I finally received the parts I needed to fix my bike yesterday. The mountain bike is back up. It was more of a process than I thought it would be, but I got it done. See:


I am going to be able to get a good warm up ride in this evening. And tomorrow I am going to ride some trails to get my single track swerve on.

Time to BRING IT.

(Not sure what it is I am bringing. Hopefully its not a pile of poo. Guess we will see 🙂 )



4 thoughts on “Status: Normal

  1. Nice meeting you today @ Addison. Your homemade pie had to be better than the grocery store pie we picked up this morning. I’ll be better prepared for a Friend of Fatty at Pando, Lakeshore Crumb is calling.

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