Rounding out the week…

Finally. Finally I had a week where I felt good about my riding. My first since I got to Michigan.

It started out with a “nice” day of descending intervals. These intervals were a little different than typical descending intervals where you do time on=time off as you down through times. These ones were 60 s on, 20 sec off, 50 s on, 20 sec off, 40 sec on, 20 sec off. Well you get the idea. Not much rest in there. My legs finally felt like they were alive and ready to go.

Friday I went to Burchfield Park. The site of my derailleur catastrophe and later my mud eating exercise. I had two hours to ride. Just enough time for 2 laps. The instructions were ride how you feel. So I rode hard. I tried to be smart in the twisty tight sections and I hammered everywhere else. When I loaded that ride up to STRAVA I was happy to see I threw down my two best laps on that course since I have been here. My second lap was the faster than the first. And I now have the 8th fastest time out of the recorded 45 rides on that segment. I will take that. (It turns out I had to do 2+ laps to fill out the 2 hours.)

Saturday I was supposed to do a mellower endurance ride. I kept that ride under control not pushing and had my best three laps there are well. (Again each faster than the last. A really nice little trend there.)

Sunday I had a 2 hour high intensity endurance ride. It was time to put a stamp on the week. Last week I discovered a segment on the road route I had been using that looked ripe for the taking. I called out the Michigan bikes for their shame of letting little old me on a mtb getting close to a KOM on a road segment. (I do believe that is why Michigan took its revenge on me in the form of a yellow jacket flying into my mouth and causing havoc with my lip.) I decided I was going to get the KOM on that segment. (There are other segments on that ride, some clearly written by someone with a TT bike. I am pretty sure I would top out on my MTB well before 30+ mph on a flat road segment. Well with the way it is geared anyway!)

I had a nice 15 minute warm up to get to the start of the segment. Then I dropped the hammer. It’s a 3.6 mile flat segment, I averaged 21.2 mph and topped my previous best time by over 2 minutes. And I topped the previous KOM by 30 seconds. A nice little chunk of time in a 10 minute time trial. The best part is that I forgot where the segment started and didn’t hammer the first half mile or so. There is more time there.

So Michigan… well I and my now not fat lip threw it down. Let’s see what you got.

Yeah, it was a good week. I definitely need that going into my second race on Sunday, where I do believe the pie flavor might again be “humble”.


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