The Elusiveness of Flow

Flow. That elusive feeling we get when we are in the moment totally in tune with the activity we are doing.

Flow is talked about in mtb land in a slightly different sense than in the more universal way. In mtb land flow is used to describe a trail. Usually it refers to a trail that allows one to ride a section in what feels like an effortless way. You can see the similarities there and why the word flow was picked to describe mountain bike trails. You can be on a “flowy” mtb trail and not feel the more mystical flow that the oneness with an activity brings.

That mystical flow is more difficult to find and even harder to keep.

When I was racing last Sunday I found my flow. The more mystical flow. I was in the moment. The only thing that mattered was what was happening to me right then. The only person I was concerned about was the person who was in front of me. Life simplified down to one stroke after another. And it was fun. I was lucky in that at some point I realized I was there and it didn’t ruin the moment for me. Sometimes all it takes is the momentary distraction of realizing you are flowing to loose your flow.

Enjoy those times. They are fleeting. My state of flow ended with the drop of a chain, and all I was left with was the kindness of strangers and a bike ride on a beautiful day. It could have been worse. šŸ˜‰

Picture of the Day


“Fall Morning in Michigan”


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