Yeah, I know…….

As the summer started to wind down I started to think about training this winter, and that is when the trouble started.

For some unknown reason I started to think that it would be a good idea to do some cross-training. Of course the obvious thing is running. Well I am not really a runner. Running to me is just something to be endured. When I am running my mind keeps thinking about what I could be doing on a bike.

Then I started to think about maybe trying trail running. I mean that’s kind of like mountain biking right? It didn’t help that one of you my dear readers has gotten into trail running and for some reason has dedicated a vast portion of time on his own blog (which I kindly remind YOU CHRIS is named after a bike part not anything running!) to running these days.

Then I was at a running store with my wife (who was looking for new running shoes) and asked do you have trail running shoes. I tried a couple but somehow I could not pull the trigger on the $170 pair that I liked the best. So no worries. That idea sat idle for a couple of months.

Then the other day I made the mistake of looking up those shoes on line to see how much they cost. And much to my chagrin, I found a pair on clearance (2014’s are so “last year”) for just about 50% off. Before I knew it my card was out and they shoes were on their way to my door. Then through the magic of free 2 day shipping they were at my door. A brand new pair of Hoka Stinson Trail shoes.


They are a little strange to look at. Total opposite of the minimalist shoes that became so popular because people thought that they could run like indigenous peoples if they ran barefoot. These shoes were designed for ultra runners (OK people don’t even go there. My DNA would totally have to be rewired in order to consider THAT!).

I knew what was going to happen. I needed to get that first run (its been about 8 months since I did any running) out of the way. Well not so much the run as the sore muscles (which remarkably seem to have NOTHING in common with the biking muscles I have worked on so hard). Saturday I “ran” 5k. The conversation with Noah before I headed out went like this:

Noah: You going biking?

Me: No, running.

Noah: Ohhh………….

Me: Yeah I know……..

(Even Noah was doubting the wisdom of this choice.)

Sunday well it hurt. You know the kind of muscle hurt that when you go down a stair makes you doubt that your legs are going to be able to stop your body when you step down to the next step. I got in a shortish (1:15) ride to stretch my legs (which were remarkably shot from running, again proving that bike muscles have nothing to do with running muscles). Now Monday, still sore. Yeah it seemed like a good idea at the time. Yeah it will be better next time I run. Yeah I knew it would happen like this.


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