10 Days: The Good

As I mention in my last post, I am currently in the midst of an extra ordinary 10 day span in which I get to experience the total gamut of what life has to offer.

The first 4 days of those were the highs. Coreen came on Friday to visit me and Noah. I picked her up from the airport. Well once I figured out the parking situation at the Detroit airport (for which the signage really stinks) I picked Coreen up from the airport. We got to the apartment and lickity split we had to head out. Noah was marching with the East Lansing High School Marching Band at the Friday night football game.

Coreen and I found our place in the bleachers (resting comfortably on the aluminum benches in cold weather, yeah heat sapping!).


and watched Noah play with the marching band.


(Noah is the last kid in the second row from the right.)

Saturday was a whirlwind. Apple picking


and dinner with Coreen’s best friend in Michigan. (Noah dumped us at dinner to go over to a friends house.)

Sunday. Biking and running (I dumped them to ride hard 🙂 )





and then dinner with Coreen’s old boss and good friend. His daughter used to babysit for us when we lived here. Bailey was 4, Noah was 6 months old. Now she is married, has a 2 year old and is expecting her second child (and Bailey gets his drivers licence next week). Yeah we are getting old. Noah made a friend (he was absolutely the most fascinating thing in the 2 year old’s universe at that dinner).


Monday Noah went to school. I went to work in the morning and Coreen had coffee with her “bestie”. Coreen and I had a lunch date and walked around East Lansing. We got to hold hands and just stroll around a little bit.

Tuesday I took her back to the airport (the signage was not a problem).


It was a great weekend. Just enough active time and just enough downtime. Michigan was the first place that Coreen and I “lived” and had adult friends. It was truly a lot of fun to have her around. But there was not nearly enough Coreen time. Still she will be back in a couple of weeks for another visit with Bailey. 🙂


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