10 Days: The Normal

My little oasis or normalcy happened during the middle of this 10 day span. Life went back to the schedule that Noah and I had developed for just a brief moment. It was blessedly mundane. You know the usual kind of stuff.

Fixing Noah’s laptop after he spilled hot chocolate on it. While not a “normal” occurrence I did get to be a super dad who saved the day for him on that one. We did end up having to get a new computer, BUT it was the same kind and so I swapped the hard disk and hoped it would boot without us having to re-install everything he had. It worked.

Fixing my bike. While out on a training ride I heard that nice little “ping” noise indicating a spoke had broken. I made it home nicely on the bike and went to the bike shop. Where we discovered that when I dropped the chain while racing at Pando the chain had sheered all of the outside spokes at the hub. My rear tire was a disaster waiting to happen. I am just lucky that that I didn’t have a more serious brake down. I had been hard on my bike and it could very well have collapsed on me at some point.

But as much as I wished it time didn’t stop (stupid forward march of time) and as the oasis days came closer to Friday I steadily became more nervous.


One thought on “10 Days: The Normal

  1. Yeah, get that taken care of quick! A dropped chain caused all of my summer broken spoke woes. Got a good solid wheel on there now though!

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