Buzz Kill Monday

I’ve been slowly recovering myself since last week and had a really good day yesterday. Got lots done at work and was feeling energetic. Then some real life happened. I saw something I have never seen before.

I was stopped at a light on campus and looked down to my dash to see what the time was (I was on my way to pick Noah up from school). I heard tires screech and then a thump. I looked up to see a woman who was on a bike had been hit by a car.

I commented to some friends when I first got here that campus is a dangerous place to drive and ride. It is filled with lots of people, lots of distracted people. I have seen people on bikes texting on their phones. I have seen people walk into the street without looking to see if there was anyone coming. I have seen cars rushing to get from one place to another. Given the number of people, odds are good you are going to cross paths with multiple dingbats on any given trip you take.

There are traffic rules. At everywhere there are signs telling motorists to yield to pedestrians. These are rarely followed. When I do I feel like I need to look in my mirror to see how closely the guy behind me is tailgating me. There have been times when I did not stop at the crosswalk because I feared the person behind me would not stop. There have been times when the person at the entrance to the crosswalk didn’t move when I stopped because they were on their phones checking the Book of Face or sending a text.

Maybe I just haven’t figured out the reality of the rules.

Coreen remarked at how many people were on bikes on campus (in a good way). But like all young people they have their limits. I came to work yesterday and passed a bike on the road. It was pitch black. There was not a light on the bike.

The girl who was hit had the light. The guy in the truck who hit her didn’t. She wasn’t wearing a helmet. None of them do. It would be a bother to carry a helmet and a problem to have to suffer some bad hair.

The girl looked to be mostly OK. She was sitting up and talking with the people who had gathered. Lots of people were helping her.

To counter the buzz kill afternoon, Noah and I went riding after dinner. With our helmets, obeying the traffic rules.


One thought on “Buzz Kill Monday

  1. My aunt hit a kid on a bike once. He ran a stop sign. Then he grew up to be the town dentist. My aunt has all false teeth now.

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