As you may recall, when I got to Michigan I found out about the sorry state of the STRAVA world here. I rode my mountain bike on the road and discovered, well that the Michigan roadies were not stepping it up. I went out and took the KOM on a road segment by riding hard and then I put my challenge out there. Someone has got to be able to go faster than me on a mtb!

Well it was bound to happen. Inevitable. I got the dreaded “notification” from STRAVA. “Oh no, you lost you KOM”.

That didn’t take long. Wonder how much time got taken out of it.

Then I looked. And I looked again. It’s a 10 minute flat time trial type section. The new KOM took 1:10 off of my best time. All I could do was sigh. 10-15 seconds I could probably find that. But on my 36×11 geared 2.2″ wheeled bike I was pretty much spun out. The new KOM averaged 25.1 mph. Me? 22.0 mph. That’s it. Top end. Wrong tool for the job. Though I do think that 22.0 mph is a pretty decent pace on a mtb.

Time to find something more appropriate for a mtb. Time to go back to that little hill sledding hill I found and see what I can do there.


Picture of the Day

Michigan morning-1



One thought on “Inevtiable

  1. I live in a rural area with few select popular rides (most notably the Red River Gorge loop) so I get pretty excited when I get the Strava notification. Especially when the margin is small and its obvious its someone in town on vacation. All I have to do then is run out, ride a little harder, and reclaim my KOM until someone stronger stumbles over my segments.

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