Sorry I haven’t been writing a lot here recently. I have two weeks left in Michigan and I am frantically trying to finish up what I need to do before I go. Doing the kinds of experiments I do is never easy. Compound that with a time crunch and equipment that was old when I used it 15 years ago and well…classic two steps forward one step back. Classic mad scramble. Classic I am focused on things that do not require helmets.

I realized over the weekend I am not ready to go home. I miss being at home with Coreen and Bailey, but Noah and I are hitting our stride here in Michigan.

When I planned this trip I figured Noah (and me too 🙂 ) would be more homesick and so I planned it accordingly. Noah has been a champ. Anyone who has read about some of the adventures Noah has had while crewing for me during races knows that Noah has an ability to just do things. That’s not really the right way to put it. He rolls with things. I think that’s his superpower. (Mine is the ability to pack. You have no idea how much I can pack into a car. There is always room for more!)


Let me give you an example. Noah came home from school two weeks ago and said he wanted to join Jazz Band, even though there were only 4 weeks for him to do it, even though he won’t be here for any concerts. He just wanted to do it.

Noah has been amazing. He joined a STEM Science club, Speech and Debate Club, and Jazz band. I should have had more faith in him when I planned this trip.

Oh well. Off to the lab.


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