A Sense of Panic: Part 1

Maybe you are like me. I tend to be more serious about my biking and training when I have a Sense of Panic.


(Here I was clearly panicked a couple of months before Leadville. Actually I was because my knee was behaving poorly.)

Leadville is a good example. I watched “Race Across the Sky”. What I saw was skinny fit grown men crying and puking. When I got into the race those were very real images for me. I was a heavier than I wanted to be, and while I was “fit” I wasn’t Fit. Those images gave me a sense of Panic. Those images gave me Focus.


(Game face ON.)

Luging gives me that sense of focus. There is nothing quite like sitting at the start handles on a track of ice (with walls), on a small sled with steel runners to really get me to think only of the moment. Only what is right in front of you is important. Two corners down the track is a lifetime away. But sliding doesn’t require serious training. (Well for me anyway, for the pro’s yeah they train a lot.) It’s hard to carry that into my regular daily training.

When I don’t have that Sense of Panic, well my Focus wanders. I would rather grab my iPad and read while I bike on my stationary bike than put on a Sufferfest and grind it out. The reading gives a more immediate reward than some unnamed “thing” I am freaked out about. Right now I don’t have a Sense of Panic and so I am not pushing myself on my training. I can tell.

So it’s time to change. No, I don’t have something stupid and dangerous to put on my biking calendar right now to give me that Sense of Panic. I think its time to concentrate on developing some Focus without Panic.

Picture of the Day

friday practice start

“One thing at a time”


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