Have A Very Bizzaro Christmas Part 1

Up here in the North Country we expect snow. Some people love the snow because you can grab some cross country skis, or snow shoes, or crampons or a fat bike and get outside. Some, have a season long hatred of the white stuff. But the one thing we all agree upon is that snow on Christmas is absolutely perfect. In the movies there is always the tension of will there be a “White Christmas”? Somehow it always manages to snow Christmas Eve or on Christmas day to deliver the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Life is rarely like the movies however. We had a really nice snow storm 10 days ago that dumped about a foot of snow. People were out skiing and snow shoeing or complaining about the winter in full force. Then the forecast approached Christmas. Above freezing, then rain entered the picture, then it was going to get a lot above freezing with rain. But it was going to cool down on Christmas and snow.

We made it through the warm and the rain and got to Christmas Eve still with enough snow in the yard to call it “white”. It was a wounded white. You know the kind that looks like it has been melting. The brown dingy kind of white. But it was white.

We went to bed Christmas Eve and it started to get windy. Warm is hard on snow, but warm and windy is death for snow. The wind blows away the evaporated moisture and accelerates the melting process.

And so we woke up Christmas morning to a brown landscape. All the snow melted…………


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