Have a Very Bizzaro Christmas Part 2

Brown. Yeah brown. Ugh.

Well there was only one thing to do with brown and warm on Christmas. Get the mtb out. It was carefully stored in the garage tucked away for its long winter nap……

I wish this post would be about an epic ride(s). How I was able to do what I had longed for for a while on a bike. But, eh, it was well, just, ok. While it was nice to be out riding in the real world, it was damp and chilly outside. While I was on dirt and not a trainer having mud splattered on me, the trails had ice on them and they weren’t as much fun as they are when there is no ice on them.

Yeah, I would say it was “nice”…..

BTW. We had our movie “Christmas snow” event on…New Years Eve. When I came home form work it was still brown, ugh. Then the lake effect snow squalls moved north just enough to hit us. An hour later we had 3″ of very fluffy white snow on the ground. It continued to snow during the night and on New Years day. Just like in the movies…except a little late.

Picture of the Day


“Happy White New Year”


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