Four Seasons

Up in the North Country we have Four Seasons: Summer (no jokes please, especially my CA “friends”), Fall, Winter, and…. Mud.

Now the Mud Season has two different names, some call it the Mud Season, some call it the Brown Season. Both are the same. No one calls it “Spring”.

This week winter broke, which means we are entering Mud Season. Temps on Monday were near 40F, Tuesday mid 40’s. Our coldest day on the 10 day forecast is for a high of 32. Even that feels like shorts weather.

Since I am away from home in the middle of the week I decided to ride on Monday and take advantage of the warm temps and sunny (what IS that giant glowing thing up there?) skies. This year I am ready for the weather to warm up and the snow to melt. I could use a little change.

So I grabbed the bike and headed out. My house is on a dirt road. Only right now its not dirt. The frost line is about 7 ft deep. In Mud Season you get a layer of thick wheel sucking mud on top of the permafrost. Monday it was about 2″ deep. 2″ of wheel sucking, energy draining mud. Its the kind of mud you read about or hear about destroying people’s chances in big cross country races like Tour Divide.

I stopped looking at my speed about 3 minutes into the ride. I knew it was going to be more single track like than gravel grinder like. My normal 2 laps, which I can do in 50 minutes to 1:15.

But, well yeah, the weather broke!

I declare Winter over and Mud Season on.

Now if the 2 feet of snow we have would melt, we could get some single track dried out. Should be ready in July or so.

Picture of the Day


“Tough Mudders”


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