Monday Morning Slider: Tuning up?

The luge season can sometimes be a strange thing calendar wise. We start in the fall with leaves on the trees during biking weather. We end in the spring with snow on the ground. Like I say it feels strange sometimes.

Last weekend was the final weekend for the ADK Luge Club 2014-15 season. We still have over 2 feet of snow on the ground. It doesn’t feel like time to put the sled away. On the last weekend of the season we traditionally have the club race and annual meeting. I was re-elected President (yeah, I am President, but I prefer to be addressed as “Your Grace” and you may kiss my spikes when you see me). With that out of the way it was time for the club race.

The BESTEST time of the luge season is in two weeks: The US National Masters Championships. The club race was my last tune up before THE event of the year.

My sled was just (like I picked it up a couple of hours before the race) tuned up by a luge god and my Jedi Master. He promised a gain of 0.5 seconds from what he did, so my hopes were high.

It was warm, and humid, which if you have been following this blog, means frosty slowness on the track. Not record breaking kind of ice. When we got to the track we saw the start ramp. Urgh. There were chunks of ice on the track. It looked like someone took ice cubes and sprinkled them on the track. Bobsleds. Grrr!. It was in such bad shape that I (half) joked about ruining the new edges my jedi master put on my steels and having to give it right back to him to fix after the race. One of the kids asked what the start ramp meant. I swallowed my disappointment and said “Nothing, we are all racing on the same track.”

Its been a long couple of weeks and I hadn’t realized how REALLY distracted I was until I got on my sled and pulled off. When I experienced my brain being just about half a second behind my sled, then, THEN I realized. It’s exciting to be mentally behind your sled on the track. It was a terrible run that I fought the entire way down. I somehow managed to be 3rd out of 6 after the first run. I should have been much much closer to my friend who was 2nd.

I decided to get my head in the game and let go on the second run. It was much much better. Not where I need it to be in 2 weeks, but closer. My time improved by a second. Not enough to catch my friend in 2nd so I ended up in 3rd.



Time to get ready to take on the Olympians. (My steels survived just fine.)

Picture of the Day


“ADK Winter”

(I went snowshoeing between the club meeting and the club race. I love our mountains!)

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