Hello. Anyone out there?

Yea, sorry I disappeared last week. It’s  been a crazy two weeks. My super lovely, totally awesome wife was in Europe visiting friends.




Yeah, clearly it sucked to be her last week. Any guesses where she was? The bottom one should be easy. The top two, probably a little bit harder. (The top two are not from the same country, so you can cross the bottom country off the list when thinking about the top two.)

Meanwhile I was home playing single dad. But what made it really crazy for me was mixing work with that. I am finishing up my sabbatical. And right now I am trying to get a PhD’s worth of data in a 2 week span. That’s exciting because it is a lot of data and time that has to be taken right the first time. (I tell my students that data isn’t good until the 3rd time you take it. I don’t have that luxury.) But the more cool thing that made work very busy (and therefore cut into my fun biking/bleeding time) has been a proposal I needed to get out. It’s cool for two reasons. Someone I know called me and basically said I have money, can you do this work? With proposals being funded at about a 10% chance, someone calling with money is something you cannot pass up.

The other really cool thing about this work is it will keep you all safe. Usually my work keeps you safe, but more through the “safety through superior firepower” method of safety. This project will keep you all safe without that little twist and I like that.

Anyhow, that’s my long winded way of saying that I was too busy to write last week.

But worry not. I leave for California and Boggs on Thursday.

Yeah here is the link to the race information I got via email.


Clearly this is going to be interesting. I am sure there will be something to tell when that is all finished.


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