Boggs: Part 1, Getting There is Half Fun

I’m home from California and its time to write up my adventures. Two of my blogging colleagues (Jeff and Fatty) have been busily writing up their adventures. I could tell you that I taught them everything they know about writing up bike reports and didn’t want them to feel pressure by having mine come first, but that wouldn’t be true. Nope. In fact I am writing later than them because I have an Epilogue to my story.

The whole Bogg’s trip for me started with Jeff winning the all expense paid trip to California for Boggs to race with Fatty and Levi Leipheimer. A couple of my friends in CA have been needling me about coming out to ride by them and when Jeff won, one thing lead to another and pretty soon I was planning my trip.

Not Fun

My trip to Boggs started by packing up my bike. The week leading up to my leaving I had been meaning to see if my bike would fit in my bike bag (it had yet to be in that bag). But things were crazy and I never had time. Then departure day came and well I had to pack and in the way that things work in this world, the bike of course didn’t fit. Air out of shocks, drop-outs removed it was not going in the bag. A couple of frantic emails to my friends in CA helped me to realize that renting a bike for the trip would be very expensive and so I was preparing myself mentally to take my 26″ mountain bike with me to CA. I haven’t been on that bike much since Leadville and the couple of times I had been made me realize how used to my 29’er I had grown. But eh, it would be OK. Then I realized that it was the padding that was keeping my 29’er from fitting in my bike bag. Well I could take that out right? I mean what harm could come to my bike on an airplane without padding in the bag right? All kidding aside, the spot I need to take the padding out of wasn’t critical and my Ti frame is more forgiving than say a carbon frame, so I wan’t really worried.

Once packed I headed to Syracuse to finish up my sabbatical leave (I had 4 days of experiments to run before I was officially finished and on vacation). My training regime leading up to my departure? 3x 12 hour days in the lab running experiments. At least I would have fresh legs for the race.


Like Jeff, I had a benefactor for this trip who covered my airfare. Unlike Jeff, my tickets were in the front of the airplane. 🙂 Like in front of the curtain they put across the isle. Yeah, my tickets were booked first class. I have been in first class on an airplane exactly once before in my life. Coreen and I got the karma/pitty upgrade once when we were in college. Ok let me in a secret here for those of you who have not been in front of the curtain. It’s fun. They bring you a drink before you take off. (Which we all know since we have to walk past them when we go back to the cramped back of the airplane as we board.) After the plane takes off they bring you a hot towel to wipe off with. Then they bring you heated mixed nuts. (Which the guy next to me complained about. Seems there were not enough in the cup. The people up front EXPECT certain things. Sheesh. ) Then lunch. Lobster Mac and Cheese. Yup. Lobster Mac and Cheese. It was a hoot. Not worth twice the ticket prices in back, but heck I was being treated.

I arrived at the San Francisco airport and was picked up by Chris the third mystery member of our three man team. We drove to my host, Dave’s house. And when we got there the “Princes” RV was waiting for us to see.


We were going to “camp” at Boggs.

I assembled my bike and we were ready to head off to Boggs early the next morning.


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