Boggs Epilogue Addendum

I posted this on the Book of Face on May 4:

“Elden and Jeff. You left 1 day too early. Dave took me on a newly completed flow trail. 4 or so downhill miles of smooth big banked turns and bumps. Video to follow when I have access to my computer to edit.”

See Elden and Jeff left California Sunday night to go home. But I stayed behind to ride some of the local tastiness. Dave took me to the Soquel Demonstration Forest on Monday. It’s a forest that is managed by the state for multi-use purposes and holds some really spectacular MTB trails. In particular we heard rumors that the newest trail was finally complete. “Demo” is on a mountain. You park about midway up the mountain and ride a mix of single and double track up to the top. At the top there are a series of trails down the mountain (kind of like a mountain bike ski area). The newest trail is what is known as a “flow” trail. Flow trails are usually rock and root free. The corners are heavily banked and there are usually large bumps in the trail. Flow trails are intended to be fast, flowy rhythm trails. Over the past two years volunteers have been working on sections of this trail. It was finally complete. And we were going to ride it.

Dave and I arrived ready to ride. A “quick” 40 minute climb up to the top of the mountain and we were ready to roll down. Instead of describing the trail, here it is in video form. Not sure if this qualifies as what the youngsters call a “sick edit”, but hopefully you get the idea.

(Elden, that’s Mumford and Sons.)

To give my non-MTB readers a sense of this trail, here is my analogy. This trail is like a long wide comfortable steep banked ski trail. The kind of trail you never need to scrub any speed from. The kind of trail that all the turning comes on banked corners. The kind of trail that has fun little modulations in the trail.

We have some flow trails around me. But what really makes this trail unique is the length. Its long enough that you can totally get into it and feel the burn when you get to the bottom.

Authors Note: For the record, David H took me riding the next day as well. His bike ride had evil ulterior motives. We rode some trails next to the UC Santa Cruz campus. Somehow we ended up on the UCSC campus. Then somehow we ended up downtown Santa Cruz for lunch. We even managed to stop at a couple of houses that were for sale to pick up brochures so David could “look” at them. It was the most loosely veiled recruitment activity ever attempted……. 😉 

Picture of the Day


“Ti Redwood”


3 thoughts on “Boggs Epilogue Addendum

  1. Doug, that’s a sick edit. Also, the concept of “flow trail” is SO awesome, especially for a roadie/CXer like me who doesn’t have sick MTB technical skills. Or the cojones to try to acquire them.

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