Wilmington Whiteface 100k: (un)race report


I tried and tried and tried all week to write an un-race report for Wilmington and just couldn’t bring myself to do it. In the end, I did the smart thing and scratched myself from the race.

Look summer up here is like 2 weeks long and I didn’t want to risk turning myself into a limping mass of unfunness for the entire summer. Biking at any speed is better than biking and no speed.

Team Fatty Fundo Rider Jeff was there to race. Coreen and I had a room in Lake Placid (without the kids). So we went up anyway. I participated in the pre-ride with Jeff on Saturday since I figured I could do that at a safe pace for me. And it was fun. Fun enough that I almost race in the 50k race instead of the 100k race. This was followed with a Fatbike ride with Jeff and my Olympian sliding friend Duncan. Three giant massive heavy bikes. Another fun ride. But I stayed firm and while Jeff was racing Sunday morning I was having an awesome breakfast with Coreen at a very cool little restaurant we have wanted to eat at. My Wilmington race weekend was a fun get away with my wife.

Jeff had a great race and was using the experience as a benchmark/ tune-up for Leadville. I put him solidly under 12 hours. (Authors note: My official prediction right now is 11:18 at Leadville for Jeff.)

I’ve been in physical therapy for the past two weeks. It’s been helpful. We have pretty much broken up the mass of frozen muscles in my legs by daily rolling with a foam roller and a lacrosse ball, stretching, some electric stim, and some deep massage. So I am feeling better and off the DL. Coreen knew I was feeling better when I sent her a text last weekend after 2.5 hours of riding (which is what I told her I was doing) and let her know it would be another hour or more before I came home.

My second event for the summer has always been the Hampshire 100. Its a race I have wanted to do for a couple of years. I should be good to go for that. I think at this point the 100 mile version is a little optimistic, so it will likely be the 100k race. But we will see…….

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad’s out there. Get out and do something fun outside this weekend.

Dads, kids and bikes, what could be better than that!



Wilmington Whiteface 100k: First Impressions

As we walked to the waiting room I asked the physical therapist, “So is the kind of pain that indicate you are doing damage or the kind of pain that indicates that something is wrong and you won’t hurt yourself any further?”

PT: “Well I cannot tell you you won’t hurt anything by racing Sunday. Common sense would say….”

And there was a chortle from a young women in the PT waiting room.

PT: “She (indicating the laughing young woman) has a problem with common sense (which made her laugh harder) just like I suspect you do to (clearly 60 minutes was enough time for her to form a solid first impression). Common sense would say don’t race. Even if you don’t hurt anything more, the length and difficulty is going to aggravate your leg.”

ME: “That’s kind of what I was thinking too.” (Big sigh).

Back up 60 minutes to when I first met my PT. We talked for awhile about what I do and what the problem was. What do you mean by you bike “a lot”? 10 hours a week. How long is this race? 70 miles. (Eyes pop) etc. Then we did some testing. And in the end we think that the problem is coming from my mechanics.

When you pedal your knees should describe a roughly circular plane. My right knee does what they call “chopping”. When I pedal the knee comes in. I have gotten a bike fit twice and the guy who did it has never been able to fix that problem. Usually you add wedges into your bike shoes and poof it goes away. But we never have been able to fix the chopping motion with wedges. The working theory is that the bad mechanics are stressing my hip and hamstring. All bike related problems start with the knees. Add to that the fact that I am, as most bikers are, quad dominant, and the problem is exacerbated.

Our plan of action is some stretching, muscle strengthening, massage and a tape job. The tape runs from the inside of my right knee across the top of my leg and then around my waste to my lower back. This is a tape method for runners who collapse their knees and restricts the inward motion of my knee. The idea is to re-train my leg to be more stable and have better mechanics.

I left the PT’s office pretty well decided that I would not race on Sunday. But I had my mtb at work and took it onto the trails behind my office. It was the best, hardest, and first real pain free ride I have had in a while. I call it the “adding insult to injury” ride.


Wilmington Whiteface 100K: Pre-race Press Conference

I would like to thank you all for coming to the Team Fatty/Hoops/WBR Wilmington Whiteface 100k prerace press conference. We are here to discuss the team status going into one of the most important weekends of the year.

We are first of all pleased to announce that Jeff D., Team Fatty Fundo rider, will be joining us this year in Wilmington. Jeff is prepping for an assault on the course record at Leadville and he brings real excitement and buzz to the Whiteface race.  We know that Dave Weins is looking forward to racing Jeff. We are confident that Jeff will not repeat the start finish/line confusion experienced at Boggs. (Aside: See Doug’s Perspective, Fatties Perspective, and Jeff’s Perspective for 3 views of the same incident.) Well except that someone should tell him the finish at Whiteface is a little confusing because you have to do 2 laps. Well, we will see what happens there.

Oh, one more announcement, due to injury I may not be racing. Thanks for coming.

Wait a minute. What do you mean by you “might not be racing”?

Hi Yeti, so glad you showed up. I think that statement is pretty clear.

Back up a minute where is this coming from? I don’t remember reading anything about an epic crash or anything like that.

Nope no epic crash. I have been fighting a sore hamstring and thigh since coming back from Boggs. I cannot put a lot of power into my pedaling, especially when I am climbing.

So what’s the problem?

Wilmington is all about climbing.

This is really about you being under trained and not wanting to embarrass yourself. 

While it is true that my training has not been optimal for this race, and that I am likely to embarrass myself, that is not the reason for this potential scratch. I mean I am more than willing to embarrass myself.


chicane sunday race


And before you ask its not even about it hurting while I am racing. It’s more this. This is the beginning of the biking season and I want to be able to ride this summer. I don’t want to really hurt myself to the point where I won’t be able to bike at all.

What about the magic chiropractor who fixed your knee in an hour during the Leadville year?

I’ve seen him, twice, since coming back from California. This injury is stubborn. I’m even going back to the PT I also saw that year tomorrow.


Yeah, bummer.

So what’s the plan?

Coreen and I are going to go up to Lake Placid without the kids. I’m going to do the group pre-ride. We will have a nice evening Saturday alone. And then we will see.


Yeah, bummer.