Doug’s Rules on Crashing

Authors note: Hey everybody. Back from my summer hiatus. Been licking my wounds and trying to get my leg and buttocks (you have to read that with the Forest Gump voice) better. Which they are, thank you. And getting ready for the Hampshire 100 which is on August 16. Which I am not ready for, thank you. Hopefully I can kick back into having things to write about…….

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who is riding in the Leadville Trail 100 on August 15. Jeff has realized that we are much a like as we are both over analytical engineering types. And that I am a fountain of knowledge about the LDT 100 as I have raced in it exactly once (though I did spend a whole year and a half over thinking the race, so really its like I did it 10 times or so).

Basically Jeff asked first, if he should bring a 1st aid kit with him on his bike. I have developed a well codified set of rules about crashing a bike and so I thought I would help Jeff and enlighten you all at the same time.

Rule #1: Don’t crash your bike. Crashing your bike costs time and in a race (such as Leadville) those seconds are important. Also it hurts.

Rule #2: If you do crash your bike DO NOT look at your body. Looking at where your body hurts only makes it hurt more. The visible sight of lost skin magnifies the pain receptors and causes an exponential increase in the amount of pain you feel. If you do not look at the wound, than you can rationalize in your brain that there isn’t really anything wrong and you can continue to ride.

Rule #3: If it hurts A LOT

A. Check to see if bone is protruding from skin. Sorry but if this is the case your day is most likely over. This is the threshold I have set for myself on when its time to seek medical attention. But YMMV.

B. If no bone is protruding return to Rule #2 and suck it up cupcake. (Oh and enjoy the extra pain since you violated Rule #2).

Rule #4: You shouldn’t be worrying about you, you should be worrying about your bike, which is WAY more important.

Jeff then went on to ask if he was over thinking it. Clearly the answer is yes. But well that’s half the fun. I probably had 5 lbs of unneeded gear with me on my bike when I rode Leadville, just in case.

Wheels down Jeff, wheels down.


10 thoughts on “Doug’s Rules on Crashing

  1. 1. I LOVE that my novicity is blogfodder.

    2. You downplay your relative experticity; yes, your only beating me 1-0 in Leadvilles, but in MTBosity, you’re light years ahead.

    3. I would like to amend your Rule #3A: if said compound fracture occurs when one is within sight of Carter Summit inbound, one should continue to the red carpet (Velominati Rule 5).

    • Per Rule 3A. As stated “your mileage may vary”. However, being THE fountain of knowledge, there is a lot of riding between Carter Summit and the finish. Just saying.

      • Here in MA, we generally don’t describe a dozen or so miles as “a lot of riding,” no matter the altitude, prior distance ridden, or effort put in. Maybe NY is different.

      • Those were the worst, darkest 12 miles I have ever ridden in my entire life. DO NOT think that when you get to Carter you are done. And when Elden tells you “you need to know there is a little more climbing after Carter, but its not bad” he is full a poop.

        Do make sure you ride from the top of Carter (or at least the bottom) back into town on the Boulevard next week. You want to know what that plays out like before you have ridden 92 miles.

      • Fear not, I’m not remotely taking those (or any) miles for granted. And I think we do have pre-riding that section on the agenda. If not, I’ll check it out solo.

        And not only will I take your miles advice to heart, I’ll take your nutrition advice to heart. I’ve got a nutrition plan and I’m pledging to stick to it. As Elden quotes one of his friends, “Leadville is an eating contest disguised as a bike race.”

      • Yes, eat. Eat all week as well. Eat as much as you want. I would stay away from real crap when eating, but other than that, eat, Eat, EAT! You might even be able to disguise a desert as “carbo-loading” if you spin it properly 😉

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