A Little Gift I Have or How Was Your Father’s Day Weekend Doug?

My super power is the ability to pack. I can always find room for more. But this post isn’t really about my super power. It IS about a littler gift I have. The gift is the ability to state the totally obvious. Like this, after I finished Leadville I said “it was hard”. Ok news flash.

I used my gift Saturday night when I looked at Coreen and said, “well this isn’t how I expected to be spending my Saturday night.” OK, so that’s not super obvious without some context. I mean really maybe we ended up at a concert by chance that was awesome.

Nope the context here is REALLY important. I told Coreen this while we were in the local ER and I was the patient. With that context in mind it was a fantastically stupidly obvious thing to say. I mean who plans to spend a Saturday night in the ER?

This is my long winded way of saying that I missed writing a post last week well because I was having a medical issue. Namely I had some swelling in my face along my right jaw that was getting worse and worse. I violated my most important RULE about DOCTORS several times (there were no bones sticking out and there was no blood) and saw a couple of doctors (a friend who is a ER doc Thursday night, my regular doctor Friday morning, the official ER doctor Saturday night and a ENT doctor in a different state sometime early Sunday morning).

All that got in the way of my riding (well the second head I was growing also got in the way my helmet making biking something of an interesting act) and writing and generally having a good time this weekend. I’d post a picture but some things are better left unseen.

Now the good news in all of this is that we found out what was causing the swelling, removed the sources, and we think things are getting back to normal. Just a hint, I’m not all the way done with Whiteface story for this year yet.


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